About us

The Orto Smeraldo was founded in 2009, from an idea of the farm Borio Enzo active in the fruit and vegetable sector for the past sixty years.
The company, handed down from father to son, is located in the town of Guarene Vaccheria hamlet, village in the heart of the Roero.
Here the mother earth receives, in his silence, the seeds that one day will become pure and colorful fruits as precious stones, cultivated with care by expert hands and delicate, they love the land and its people.

Started cultivating gardens grandfather Sergio, then switch to the production of fruit with the entry in the company of his son Enzo. Over the years we have always tried to adopt innovative and modern farming systems, to reduce the use of chemicals, so as to obtain a cultivation with integrated control used today. With the latest generation, the grandson Emanuele, wanted to respond to what were the demands of the market, creating a space dedicated entirely to the business of retail productions, completing all with local products Made in Italy.