Welcome to L’Orto Smeraldo

We are farmers since generations. Our company, handed down from father to son for about eighty years, is located in the heart of the Roero region.
We grow fruit, vegetables, nuts and hazelnuts.
We love what we do, and we pass it on in the quality of our products.

The farm >


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We sale directly to you fruit, vegetables and processed products from our laboratory.


Tasting area >

A dedicated place where to taste all our baked products, processed specialties and our preparations, but also wines, drinks and products selected by the shop.


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Green area with different varieties of fruit trees where to immerse yourself in the discovery of the production of our territory. Dedicated to families.

Why choose L’Orto Smeraldo

We grow seasonal products in a context of maximum respect for nature. Since several years we have adopted an agriculture system with INTEGRATED FIGHTING, which provides for a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides. This makes us respectful interpreters of the territory in which we live.