Her you can find and buy all the fruit and vegetables we produce, the processed products from our laboratory and also a selected series of products from other partner companies which reflect criteria of artisanal agricultural quality, territoriality and short supply chain.



We offer to all customers the possibility to order online or by phone (also WhatsApp) a shopping bag full of their favorites products and collect it or receive it directly at home!
Contact us for information on delivery areas and calendar.


Weekly schedule


Monday: 08.00 am -12.30 am - 03.00 pm -07.00 pm
Tuesday: 08.00 am -12.30 am
Wednesday: 08.00 am -12.30 am - 03.00 pm -07.00 pm
Thursday: 08.00 am -12.30 am
Friday: 08.00 am -12.30 am - 03.00 pm -07.00 pm
Saturday: 08.00 am -12.30 am